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THANKS! - We want I love the __'s on DVD!!!!! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
WE WANT I LOVE THE __'S ON DVD!!!!!!!!!!!

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THANKS! [Aug. 5th, 2004|01:36 pm]
WE WANT I LOVE THE __'S ON DVD!!!!!!!!!!!
[mood |bouncybouncy]

hey everyone! thank you so much for joining the community!!
but i think we're lacking support! we need the masses to be here to tell VH1 to give us what we want!!!!!!!!!

please please please bug everyone you know- and just tell them to add us- they don't have to post, or even ever look in here- if they would buy the dvd's, make them join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

[User Picture]From: ceeejjj
2004-08-05 01:31 pm (UTC)


omg i so tottally would LOVE if i love the 70s,80s and 90s came out on DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean why wouldn't they do that? seriously..you know how much money they would be making too? i mean alotta people would buy it especially where i live...i love the 80s&90's are like WICKED big around here and likeeeeeee ah! they have to be on dvd, they're stupid if they dont do it!!!!. they also need a i love hte 90's strikes back because they missed like so many things! like My So called Life, TITANIC!>> that shoulda been like half the show!!!,Dave matthews band and a whole lot of other music,and also Kurt Cobains Death. Also, there were many sports moments in the 90's that they forgot.. i think they should put it on DVD! haha i thought i was the only one who would be like that would be cool if it was on dvd

ahh!!! im kinda excited now i hope it comes out on DVD!!!!!!!!!! it betterrr:)
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